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Solid Bank participated in the XIII International Banking Forum "Banks of Russia - XXI century"

Russian-Japanese "Solid Bank" participated in the XIII International Banking Forum "Banks of Russia - XXI century".

Forum is held annually in September, the Association of Regional Banks "Russia" in Sochi and enjoy a well-deserved attention to the banking community.

This year, the Forum was attended by over 500 representatives of the financial market. The event discussed current issues of development in the banking sector, the new regulatory requirements in the face of the Central Bank. Particular attention was paid to the development strategy for the SME segment, with the direct involvement of the SME Bank.

The conference participants, including representatives of major federal banks, noted the need for the development of the regional banking sector - as an integral part of regional economies, especially in a systemic crisis.

"Solid Bank has chosen the right course to improve the efficiency of activities focusing on the development of small and medium business and improving risk management systems in order to improve asset quality," - commented on the results of the Forum's Director of Strategic Development Evdokimova Elena Vladislavovna.

Association "Russia", and the Forum, following the event to prepare recommendations to be forwarded to the Government of the Russian Federation, the Federal Assembly and the Central Bank.

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